Friday, April 3, 2015

“Avenue of Heroes”

Oceanside the Beautiful, Home of the Brave”

Our many Cultural Communities and Their Arts are the Beautiful,
 Our American Military Services and First Responders are the Brave.

The physical location of the City of Oceanside is incredibly beautiful. As you enter the City going west on Mission Ave, you see before You the blue Pacific and Palm trees lining the vistas shining with incredible beautiful light. This is the first almost surreal impression of our City. It is literally out of the Movies. I mention Top Gun.

The First Visual Impression is one of Grander and Beauty. The first Visceral Impression is felt almost instantly is the vitality and energy of our People. Young, engaged, outward bound and constantly in motion, they typify our City’s population which is young in demographics, and young in their questing of a new life style. They are risk takers. Daring to set up shop in a City with an image of being a Military Town, these newcomers are making a change unlike anything we have seen before. Artists, Crafts makers, Micro Brewers, Clothing Designers, Theatre Venues with performers of professional stature, Authors, Poets,  and Composers.
They Are The Beautiful.

Another First Impression is one of the Visual Impact of so our very young Military Service members. They walk our streets and avenues with a step of vibrant confidence and new found strength of Purpose. Many come from other states, and yes, other lands. They have a spark in their eyes of knowing, engaged in the responsibilities of their Nation’s Missions.    
Meeting them they will look you in the Eye, and when we say “Thank You” they acknowledge with a quiet dignity.

Many of these young people stay in Oceanside and become first responders for they have found a place in the Sun that welcomes and honors them. They Are Our Brave.

Oceanside is home to many cultural groups from America and abroad.
Our many Cultural Communities include; White, Black or African American
American Indian, and Alaska Native, Asian: Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino Japanese,
Korean, Vietnamese, Native Hawaiian , Guamanian ,Samoan, Hispanic
They bring their Cultural Art forms to Oceanside. They are our Beautiful.

In Oceanside the Brave serve in many different capacities. They rescue on a daily biases our Senior Citizens with dire concerns. They visit our Schools and teach our Children the basic skills of CPR and Traffic Safety. They inspire our Teens to become protectors of their neighborhoods, and they keep us honest in our daily traffic commutes. They rescue our Pets, help old folks across the streets, and help with rescues on our Beaches. They Are Our Brave.

I sing this song for I have lived in many different social economic and cultural Cities and Towns. From the City of Newport Beach on Lido Isle, to Boston, to Eureka Ca, Encinitas,  Scobey Montana, and Whittier. From all of these many places I have gathered the important impressions of “what” makes me a Citizen of a Place. I have found this Place two times in my Life, Oceanside in the 90’s when it first became a vision for the Arts, and now in the New Century of exploring the implementation of the Arts, bringing a new vision of possibilities.  This is of belonging. Oceanside is the most Welcoming of Cities, it has become my City, and if you come, it could be Your City of finding your purpose of what makes a Home.

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